Why Are The NepTune ITB Tools Better?

NepTune has a feature set that works nicely with ITB setups. It gives you the ability to tune with MAP only, TPS only, MAP on one set of maps and TPS on the other set (or vice versa) with switching conditions to go between the two. The dual maps offer full resolution for both MAP and TPS tuning if you need it. Whatever suits your setup/your tuner better. It also gives you FULL control of fuel and ignition for ECT, IAT, and main maps which can make cold startup on ITBs much better.

What Is Gear Correction?

Gear correction is a correction adjustment for ignition timing and/or fuel that is dependent on what gear you’re in. Gear created load differences may alter your air/fuel ratio and this can be used to correct it. Gear based ignition adjustment can also be used to help aid with traction by decreasing power output to the wheels.

Why Are Individual Cylinder Trims Important?

They help the tuner adjust each cylinder to run at equal temperatures. If setup to do so, you can monitor the exhaust gas temperature of each cylinder to help create an even distribution of heat. Cylinder 3 tends to run hotter than the other 3 cylinders and can cause extra stress on the piston and cylinder wall.

How Much Is NepTune If I Go To A Tuner?

Our tuners offer NepTune and tuning as a package deal so the price with tuning and dyno time will vary between tuners. Please contact your closest tuner to find out about his pricing.

Can I Get Tuned By My Favorite Local Tuner?

Only a few experienced tuners will be able to tune you with a chip via the NepTune Tuner package.

The NepTune RTP system can be tuned by anyone. The software is available in the Downloads section.

Does The ECU Need Any Special Socketing Done To It?

No. Regular socketing is all that needs to be done. If you want to datalog or are using the NepTune RTP system you will want to have the 4 pin datalogging header installed. Make sure J12 is removed.

For regular chipping instructions see

For SMD/JDM chipping instructions see

What ECU Should I Use To Get Tuned By One Of The NepTune Dealers?

Any OBD1 Civic/Integra MPFI ECU with the proper options for your setup (Knock, IAB, ELD, VTEC, etc)