You’re interested in offering NepTune to your customers, but you’ve heard it’s hard to become a dealer.

Who can become a dealer?
You don’t own a shop? That’s ok. Any tuner with access to a dyno, a good background, experience with tuning, and good customer service skills can become a dealer. We do like to keep a little distance between tuners to avoid price wars, so if you’re uncertain whether you’re too close to another dealer check our dealers page.

What’s included in the NepTune dealer package?
With the NepTune dealer package, you get to resell our end user solution, NepTune RTP, as well as offer the regular NepTune system which allows you to tune your customers and burn a chip for them when you’re finished. As a dealer you’ll be listed on our website, you’ll get direct phone support, and you can tune your shop associated vehicles with no license fees due. That’s just the beginning.

What does it cost your customers?
For non-RTP tunes there is a one time license fee for each new customer you tune. If your customer comes back for a retune, they only have to pay your tuning fees.

What does it cost you to get started?
We offer one package and it’s very affordable, but there are optional add-ons, so contact us for pricing. Start by submitting a professional inquiry via email including your location and tuning experience. We keep a copy of the inquiry.