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TunerView RD 2 Released!

It’s official. The TunerView RD 2 has been released. A 5″ color touchscreen display with some very intuitive setup options and great starting layouts.

We’ve moved the TunerView Displays to a new website, Visit the new site for TunerView RD 2 Information or click the display below.

TunerView Android

The much anticipated launch of our TunerView Android app is finally here!. Now available on the Google Play Store! All you’ll need to add to your existing NepTune RTP is a Bluetooth module. View real-time data, record, playback, and record video to overlay later with software such as RaceRender. Check it out today!

Demon II Released

The Demon II is a hardware refresh that is replacing the original Demon for all USDM/EDM large box ECU NepTune RTP packages.
-This sleeker unit is more stable when installed.
-No longer requires a battery for data retention.
-Comes with the TunerView Data Header and Analog Input header pre-installed.
-Features a ferrite bead onboard to help reduce interference.
-Two USB ports so you can decide whether to cut the ECU case or not.
*JDM ECUs will still need to use the original Demon unit for fitment.

Contact your local dealer today!

HRTuning Updates

The NepTune RTP System gets Sensor Adjustments, low/high switched boost cut, Multi-Tune Support (Demon Only), 5 (Demon) or 4 (Demon II) extra analog inputs, and trace markers:

*Grab the latest software today or check version in the software to auto-update.

The TunerView RD 1 gets support for the NepTune RTP 5 additional analog inputs, real-time graphing, and support for the NepTune RTP Multi-Tune feature: Switch tunes right from the display!

*Visit the TunerView RD 1 page or check version in the software to auto-update.

The TunerView II gets support for the NepTune RTP 5 additional analog inputs, NepTune RTP Multi-Tune feature, and updated software:

*Visit the TunerView II page.

NepTune RTP Software

TunerView RD1

TunerView RD 1, the graphical display with a fully configurable layout via drag and drop software. If you haven’t seen this unit yet, take a look!


Custom Install Shown:


Be sure to check out the videos on the RD 1 Help page.